Moments with the Mogos

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Joyful. Willing. Focused. Mature. Four words that describe Ben and Anda Mogos.

Tony Cammarota, Pastor of Equipping, Stonebriar Church

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I’m honored to commend to you the ministry of Ben and Anda Mogos. Having worked with them at Dallas Seminary and at Stonebriar Community Church, I’m confident that the Lord will use them in a powerful and meaningful way in their beloved Romania. They are uniquely gifted and passionate servants whose calling and commitment have never wavered. You will be blessed to be a part of what God will do through them!

Dr. Mark Young
President of
Denver Seminary

I can highly recommend to you the ministry of Ben and Anda Mogos. They are a wonderfully gifted and called couple to use their lives in full time ministry in their homeland, Romania. It has been a delight to serve the Lord beside them while in their studies stateside.

Dr. John D. Hannah
Distinguished Professor, Dallas Seminary

Joyful. Willing. Focused. Mature. Four words that describe Ben and Anda Mogos. With great hope for Ben and Anda and much confidence that God will use them to bring honor to His name, I enthusiastically support their ministry. Knowing that their minds and hearts are being transformed by God's word, Ben and Anda will play a significant role of spiritual leadership wherever the Lord leads them. It is with great expectation that I look forward to them faithfully serving His church.

Tony Cammarota
Pastor of Equipping, Stonebriar Church

We would like to recommend Ben and Anda Mogos for your prayer and financial support. We have been in close contact with them while they have been in Dallas and can attest to their genuine faith and lifetime commitment to Christian outreach in their native land. They are a mature, dedicated, energetic, highly intelligent, faithful young couple whose lives are conformed to the image of Jesus Christ.

Major General and Mrs. Clay Buckingham

U.S. Army (retired), Long time mentors

As the Senior Associate Pastor at Stonebriar Community Church in Frisco, I had the joy of leading Ben and Anda in our intern program. After two years of ministry interaction, I easily recommend them for prayerful, financial, and relational support. I believe Ben will serve well as a faithful pastoral leader in God's Kingdom.

Paul Utnage
Executive Pastor, Montgomery Church

References in Romania

Ben and Anda are committed Christians having a deep desire to serve God and the people around them. Knowing theim closely, I can confirm that their sacrificial love for different people is an evidence of their transformed life through the power of the Holy Spirit.  

Dr. Cornel Boingeanu

Senior Pastor

Holy Trinity Church, Bucharest

(Initially, this was the mother church of our church plant)

I recommend Ben Mogos wholeheartedly for involvement in Christian ministry. I have known him for approximately 10 years as his Seminary Professor and Pastor. Ben is a committed Christian with a vision for ministry. He has done excellent work in Seminary. While a student he was involved in ministry and showed initiative and ability to lead people. His communication skills are very good as is his determination to see the projects he is involved finished. Ben demonstrated a good Christian character, a desire to learn, and willingness to work in a team.

Dr. Otniel Bunaciu


Baptist Union of Romania

I have known Ben and Anda since 2003 and it was my privilege to teach Ben when he attended the Baptist Seminary in Bucharest. This young couple has a tremendous passion to be used of God. Their hearts are pure and their spirits are aflame for Christ. It goes without saying that they are sound in doctrine and upright in character. 

Dr. Richard Clark

IMB Team Coordinator


It is my honor to say that I’ve known and been friends with Ben and Anda Mogos for a long time. They have both committed themselves to serving the Lord with all their strength. I am blessed by their determination to return to their native country, Romania, to minister here, to help their people, and to play a role in enhancing the Kingdom of God.

Christian Codrea

Christian Businessman